Plug-ins of iWorks Software

iWorks series microscope software is designed using modularization thoughts. For saving money, you can selecting a specific plugin and combine it with a standard package of software.

Note: All plug-ins can only be applied base on version iWorks FX.

Report Manager

The Report Manager is developed for the users to create a report with various data, graphs and values for measurement result in the required content and format of report. It specially focuses on making a report from the user's selected report format with specific data in Microsoft Excel. In particular, it is very useful and convenient in re-using previously made or existing report format fast and accurately.

Report Manager

Phase Analysis

With the Phase Analysis tool, users can sort images by using Grayscale, RGB, HSB or YUV to achieve analysis on a whole image or a specified area of interest (AOI). It can determine the occurrence of these phases with reference to the overall image or to one of the selected phases.

Phase Analysis

Non-metallic Inclusions Analysis

iWorks' Non-metallic Inclusion Rating function can be used with an automated materials microscope and high resolution digital camera to create an integrated systems solution. It allows the verification as per up to 8 standards ASTM E 45-97(2002), ISO 4967:1998(E), JIS G 0555:2003 and KS D 0204:2007) for non-metallic inclusions in steel alloys.

Non-metallic Inclusions Analysis

AMS - Microscope Automatic Merge System

AMS is an automatic merge system which is used for the analysis and measurement on a large sample. With a automated microscope with motorized stage, the AMS can automatically stitch image and analyze it with high magnification.

  • Analyze and measure at high-magnification

  • The sample size can be larger than those for large FOV microscope

  • Z-step synthesis overcomes the limit of FOV

  • Image tiling for a range beyond the microscope FOV

  • Fast, accurate and convenient to operate

  • Includes features of iWorks microscope software for analysis and measurement

Microscope Automatic Merge System