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Robust and customizable microscope image processing analysis software.

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Streamline Workflow,Increase Productivity

iWorks series is a streamlined microscopy software for imaging and analysis with dynamic user-friendly interface. It provides wide variety of solutions to image acquisition, measuring, counting, classify, analysis and report. With the strong compatibility, It works with most digital microscope cameras, measuring microscopes, hardness testers as well as projectors for your professional image and analysis.


iWorks series is a dongle protected microscope software. There are 3 packages and 11 versions separately for the applications of general microscope, hardness tester and measuring microscope.

Multi-focus and image tiling

Multi-focus & Image Tiling

Allows to create automatic composites of continuously captured images, in order to increase field of view and extend depth of focus.

Particle analysis and auto count

Particle Analysis & Auto Count

Automatically characterize objects in the image. Count and sort objects automatically, with the ability to identify over 100,000 objects per frame.

Fluorescent image merge and dye

Fluorescent Image Merge & Dye

Merge multiple single channel imagescaptured with different optical filters. From the dye list, users can select  corresponding fluorophore to dye the monochrome images.

Grain size analysis in metals and alloys

Grain Size Analysis

Grain size analysis in metals and alloys, supports standards ASTM E 112, E 1382, E 1181, E 930, ISO 643, ISO 14250, etc.  

Microscopic analysis spheroidal graphite cast iron

Cast Iron Analysis

Microscopic analysis in spheroidal graphite cast iron. Supports standards ASTM A 247, ASTM E 25671, ISO 945-1, ISO TR 945-2, ISO 16112, etc.