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Multi-output Microscope Camera

Multi-output camera installed on Nikon Ts2 microscope
HD series multi-output microscope camera installed on Nikon Ei
microscope camera output to smart devieces


Connect to PC through USB cable and stream images onto free software Pixit Pro with versatile functions

icon_USB output

USB output

Output throught 5G WiFi to iOS, Android phones or tablets. The free app allows for live viewing as well as image or video capture. 

icon_wifi output

5G WiFi ouput

Camera can be connected to HD or 4K monitor, or a large flat-screen TV through HDMI cable while other output modes are running.

icon_HDMI output

HDMI output

Camera can be shared within the LAN via Ethernet output. When connecting to the router, all computers in the LAN can see real-time images.

icon_Ethernet output

Ethernet output

Seamlessly Fits to Your Microscope

Thanks to the dedicatedly designed dovetail interface for the top 4 brands of microscope, the camera is suitable for most of microscopes using infinity corrected optical systems. 

In addition to perfectly matching Nikon Eclipse Ei, Si, Olympus CX series, Leica DM500, DM750, Zeiss Primostar, dedicated cameras are also customized according to the unique shape and structure of some microscopes, such as cameras suitable for Nikon Ts2, MA100N, Nikon Ts2R, etc. There are also specialized solutions for stereo microscopes with a parallel light design.