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​USB Embedded Microscope Camera

USB embedded microscope camera
icon_HC4K series
30 FPS

​​USB high speed video transmission up to 30 fps at 8.3-megapixel resolution.

Driver Free

​​Driver-free installation and plug and play. No need to install a driver.

50:50 Light Splitting

​Embedded 50:50 light splitting, without damaging the original optical system.

0.43X Relay Lens

​​Built-in 0.43X relay lens to gurantee large field of view.

Easy Focusing

​​Accurate and simple focusing with screw rod, to realize parfocality.

USB embedded microscope camera for Olympus CX


USB Embedded Microscope Camera
  • Sony CMOS IMX334

  • 8.3MP

  • 1/2.3"

  • 30 fps @ 3810x2160

  • ​Dovetail mount for Olympus CX series

  • Pixit Pro software

icon_USB embedded microscope camera
USB embedded microscope camera for Olympus BX