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14 Megapixel USB 3.0 Camera Used in UHD Digital Pathology

April 22, 2014, Guangzhou

Digital pathology is the practice of digitizing glass slides and managing the resultant information for later educational, diagnostic, and analytic purposes. Most of the time we need a lot of medical experts discuss together to make diagnostic treatment plan by the pathology images. In this case, a large screen display is necessary and high resolutions images are essential. However, when the display is up to 50 inch screen, the content of the traditional standard definition resolution is unable to meet the needs of the audience. How to solve the problem of digital pathology image resolution on large screen display?

The latest technology 4K monitoring display and Lanoptik 14MP USB 3.0 microscope camera MDY1401 are the idea solution.

Central to any digital pathology application is imaging. The captured images are used for documentation, archiving, teaching, publication, and in the case of telepathology, to provide real time consultation. MDY1401 is up to 12 fps at full resolution (4384x3288), 30fps at 5MP, 60fps at 1080P, and specially offer an Ultra High Resolution (3840 × 2160) for match more and more popular 4K monitoring display screen. Featured with high resolution, good color reproduction, high frame rate, it is an idea camera for digital pathology, educational training and medical meeting.

The images captured by MDY1401 export to 4K display will be helpful for the medical experts to do pathology research, and will be more and more widely used in the future.